Sunday, March 31, 2013

Well...that was a fail.

After starting this blog last year, I did not keep up with it....and it's kinda sad. Oh well, I will start over again. So....let's try this again!

So I will start by saying Happy Easter, y'all! My birthday is in a few days and my *fiance's* birthday was this last week. (THAT'S RIGHT! FIANCE!) We became engaged in October and our wedding is set for this November. Maybe that is why my blog attempt I have been busy planning and saving money and spending money then saving money again only to ultimately spend it again. Vicious cycle. Anywho, I have a lot of details to dedicate to the blog now, so I will share our journey to the isle and our newly married life after that and so on. I suppose I could go ahead and tell you that we are looking for a vintage feel, we are holding the ceremony and reception in the same room to save money at the Mellwood Arts Center in Louisville, Ky. (Where I am from). I think it's appropriate for an art teacher to have her wedding here :)

Also...I will share with you my FAB shoes I will be wearing! I ordered them this past week from Modcloth (awesome place! We bought a ton of Christmas presents from here this last season!)
Here they are!! Aren't they gorge?? Get them here. That's all I have for now!! 


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