Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day after birthday....

Yesterday I celebrated my 28th birthday! I had to work and stay after for a meeting so when I came home I just took a shower. My fiance brought home subway (I LOVE subway!) when he was on his way home from coaching middle school soccer and we ate and had some drinks. Ok a lot of drinks. Plenty. Needless to say I enjoyed myself. :)

Last week was my school's spring break and I also enjoyed myself with the eating out and drinks and just plain junk. Since January 1st and had been doing my best with eating healthier and trying to stick with a fitness routine. I dropped 8 pounds by changing my eating and drinking habits while adding a workout routine. But I've been stuck at that 8 pound loss since February. And thaaaaat's discouraging. I have definitely allowed myself to slack recently. So since I celebrated through spring break and my birthday, I am getting back on that wagon (more like dragging myself on the wagon!). I borrowed Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred from a friend and started today and MAN IT'S HARD! I am going to go my best to get through it! I did it right when I got home and I am already feeling like jello! (And that was only an hour ago!) So I hope I can keep up with it. WHEW! Tomorrow I will be sore for sure!

OH and I got my shoes in yesterday :) They ARE fab!


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