Saturday, February 1, 2014

TWO weeks...

So I started level 3 of slim in 6 today! It is called BURN IT UP! And for good reason. I was already sweating and feeling the burn within the first 10 minutes! This final workout of the program is only 6 minutes longer than level 2, ramp it up! which was 55 minutes. It was definitely tough, but I can see that if I do my best and keep this up, I will definitely get results! Speaking of results...I do my 30 day weigh in, measurements, and pictures tomorrow! I am super excited. I don't think I've ever been more excited to weigh myself, ever. Let's take a moment, everyone, to pray for at least a 5 pound loss. (Go ahead, pause.) Ok. Thank you. That was nice. Any way, I'm thinking since I've been building up lean muscle, that my measurement difference will be more impressive than my weight loss, even over all when I'm finished. But still. I am seeing changes in myself and it just makes me even happier that I started this journey for me.

I have decided that closer to the end of this program, I am going to order the Slim Express series. It is designed for you to keep up your results after the Slim in 6. And yes, I want to keep it up! I'll be looking hot in North Carolina this summer! I don't mind too much, because my husband will be showing me off and my family will be impressed. Oh yes. I cannot wait!

I will have my 30 day report tomorrow! Until then, enjoy your Saturday night!


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