Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

i hope everyone is having a wonderful day! today is nothing special for me...justin was sick all weekend and just left for work. i feel like i got a lot accomplished this weekend all while taking care of sicky. i got the dishes, laundry, lesson plans and grading done. i also vacuumed. grocery shopped. goodwill shopped. got drunk. went to lunch with some girlfriends and got my nails done. i feel like i shoved a weeks worth of things into 3 days. whew!

i also just found this via a friend's facebook, and i thought it was the most fantastic thing ever! if you were born in the mid eighties like me (1985 represent!) or early nineties (but i'd still say more mid eighties) then you would remember these toys! i would be lying if i said i didn't know some of these. oh no my friends, i know every. single. one. i had a good chunk of these, being the first born child of my two other siblings, i had 5 years to be spoiled by my parents before my little brother came along. and boy was i spoiled when it came to toys. because my grandparents spoiled me too. keep in mind, i was still a good kid, just had a SHIT ton of toys. yay! but if i didn't have the ones on this list, my friends did and i have many a fond memory playing with these. some of the board games my friend kelly and i still would play together in high school for laughs! kelly is one of my bridesmaids too :) i think we are connected from the 90s! hehe!

now all i have left to do is work on those beers...and don't mind if i do!


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