Thursday, December 26, 2013

So...I got married!!!

We were married November 23rd, 2013 at Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center in Louisville, Kentucky. (I'm from Louisville!) It was beautiful. We got there in the morning and set up, us girls started getting ready and we were taking pictures by 1:00. It was freezing outside, but it makes for excellent pictures--because if it were warm, I'd be a sweaty, red-faced mess! The wedding started at 3:00 and the ceremony was finished by 3:30. My uncle is a Chaplin in the Army, so he married us. My Cousin made the cake and all the food. My in-law made the wine favors. (Actually made it...I designed the labels). I made the banners, the welcome sign, the painted bottle center pieces, the hand written signs....down to the invites....which I used to create our wedding cake topper.

It was a very DIY wedding....the cost was $8,000 total. Our first dance was to the Turtles, "So Happy Together" and we danced the night away after that. We honeymooned in a cabin right on the Ohio river, about 10 miles from downtown Louisville (my uncle owns the cabin, so our stay was free!). We went downtown daily and partied nightly. It was perfect.

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