Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Busy, busy!

It's only tuesday, but i feel like this has been one long week already! maybe it was because this weekend was so relaxing...or maybe just because i've been so damn busy!

i always feel a bit crazy on moday...i mean come on, it's monday! so i'm trying to turn in lesson plans, and make sure i've got copied what i need copied, search for examples, etc. tuesday this year my morning duty is outside doing car riders. whaaaaaaaaaaaat! it kinda sucks, but isn't that bad. i say that now because the last two tuesdays the weather has been nice...i suppose i'll let you know when theirs a big rain storm or something terrible that will just ruin my day. i'll be whistling a different turn then i'm sure.

but tonight was open house. it was only from 6 til 7:15, so i was able to come home and workout, rinse off, touch up and change. it went by really quick. i got there early at 5:30 and parents were already coming in starting to walk around! no one normally comes to see the art teacher, but i tell you, it was like they were dogs and i was an open can of puppy chow. they were everywhere! i was swarmed. so i feel like i haven't sat down for more than 30 minutes since this morning. whew.

just an update :)


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