Sunday, August 11, 2013


it was raining when i finally opened my eyes this morning, and to see lolah snuggling up to me. this was a sweet image i got of justin and the dogs while i was up brushing my teeth and opening the window curtain. it's been that kind of day.

the only productive thing i've done is a little bit of laundry, dishes, and packed my lunches for the week. i guess that is pretty productive...i still have to finish my lesson plans for the week. i have not missed having chunks of my weekend dedicated to planning...i already miss the freedom of summer. le sigh.

but again, i am looking forward to getting married. and i am so glad a lot of the fall programming is starting back on tv...i dearly love my shows, they get me through. i also have mentioned that autumn is my favorite time of year, well, it is. each passing day i know it's coming, and i can't wait for everything to turn gold!

i hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend!


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