Saturday, August 17, 2013

Our Back to School Shopping!

 j. jill pants
 ralph lauren jacket
 cavlin klein jacket
 some neat graphic tee's for justin at walmart! ($3 each!)
banana republic corduroys

we sure had a great day at goodwill! we had to drive out to the next county over this morning to pick up our two dog's flea and tick medication, so on the way home we decided to stop in at the goodwill up the street. i also found a shirt from target (striped and hooded number) and a little black wrap dress from express. the jeans i'm wearing with the jackets are new too, i got those at maurice's after we had lunch. we picked up a few books for a few projects we've been wanting to do too.

this has been a busy week for me. this was my first completely full week back with the kids everyday. even though the schedule has been changing and fluctuating each day, i've been making it work. i had a special order from a co-worker that i needed to fill this week, for her uncle's 75th birthday. he;s a farmer, so they wanted a ford tractor pulling behind it in a trailer the number "75", large enough for people to sign inside of it. she provided the canvas so all i had to do was make it so. i decided to crank it out while i watched reruns up to a new episode of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" (don't judge). here it is:

i used oil pastels and sealed it with hairspray (yes, you can do that!) and used sharpie to fill in the numbers so people could easily write on it without any issues. i hope they like it! (got paid for it!)

i hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far, i will be spending time at home with the dogs tonight while justin works, so today was definitely a fun day spent with my love.


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