Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our Saturday

This morning we decided to get up at a decent hour (about 8:30) and get what needed done. We fed the dogs and let them out, got ready, made our grocery list and headed out. First stop was the bank, then we decided to hit up goodwill. We always love a good shopping trip to goodwill. It's like a miniature scavenger hunt: what good pieces can I find for a great price? I don't know how y'all do goodwill, but when I buy things, I don't want it to look like I got it from a thrift shop. I want it to blend in seamlessly into my wardrobe, and when people ask where I got it, I can brag about how I fished it out of a rack in a secondhand store. Yea, I love a good bargain...what a rush!

We found some really awesome pieces in my opinion. I found some super cute patterned shorts from the gap (!), and a blue belt with gold buckle and an anchor. I also found a hideous Christmas sweatshirt...come on every year we go to those ugly sweater parties and it's a pain in the ass trying to find a sweater when everyone is already buying them, so I figured I'd be ahead of the game. Because it is really ugly! We picked up 3 candle holders for Halloween, they each have a different design on them: a witch, an owl, and a bat. We picked up a lovely vintage looking leaf shaped into a pretty deep bowl, green in color. And the best find of all: Justin found some still pretty new but gloriously broken in Sperrys!!! He looked them up online as soon as we got home and brand new they go for around $100 and my dear friends, we only paid $7! I KNOW!!!!!

After that we picked up needed food at walmart and grabbed some coffee at starbucks and we've been relaxing at home until Justin has to go to work. I hope you all enjoy your day!


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