Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Few Things

If you are lacking any motivation at times, just like I am, this list is very helpful! 

Pinterest, oh how I love thee! This has been absolutely amazing, I make these on Sunday and I eat them all week with either breakfast or in a lunch! So yummy! And it really works!


That's the plan! 
Today I finished day 2 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. You can purchase it here if you would like to take the journey with me! I really am feeling it, but I am so motivated. It was tough, but I didn't once feel like I couldn't do it, so I pushed myself. I want those results!! Yesterday I took my "before" picture so I have something to compare too, and took my measurements and weight.....maybe I will share those at a later date! So I am going to work!!! For my post workout snack, I had strawberries and vanilla low fat yogurt. Strawberries are a negative calorie fruit (I only had 3, cut up) and the yogurt (yoplait) was 90 calories. And this morning I had my egg! I cooked mine with a spinach leaf in it with some salt and pepper, and warmed it up in the microwave with a slice of turkey (lunch meat) for about 15-20 seconds in the mircowave. Medium egg is 60 calories, turkey was 40, 100 calories breakfast! WHOOP! 

Tonight we are having tilapia fish tacos and roasted veggies. So yum! Right now I'm watching my neighbor and good friend's dog until she gets home a bit later tonight, so I've got 3 doggies here with me until J gets home from soccer. And I'll be drinking my water! Have a great night dolls :)


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