Friday, April 5, 2013

Lovely Turquoise

seen here

breathtaking doors from here

I wish I woke up every morning to this!

THIS would be a perfect addition to my home!

I would get a lot of work done here...a lot to be inspired by.

beautifully vintage. From here.

These are just adorable.

how dreamy is this? oh I would die...

I would be fine owning all of these!

This color is called "For Audrey", I own this and I love it, and you can get it very cheap here!

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I would leave you guys with some lovely inspiring images for the weekend all done in my favorite color....turquoise!! There is something so peaceful and serene about this color that just makes me instantly happy. I love how it's so natural and tied to the earth. What's your favorite color?

(Day 3 of my shred complete!! Whoo! Not as sore...but still feeling the burn!) Happy weekend!


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