Monday, April 15, 2013

Poppin' Tags

1.) lovely little jewelry box
2.) sweet lion foot detail
3.) velvet lining with some of my jewelry
4.) gap blue jean jacket and steve madden booties
5.) milk decanters

We for sure had some good luck today at our local thrift shop. I have been hunting for a blue jean jacket for a while now, but I am very picky about how they fit on me. Most of them fit like a box, and I was after more of a fitted a blazer. I don't want my clothes to be unflattering!! Heck naw! But this jacket was perfect for me, as soon as I put it on, J's eyes got big and he told me to go look in the mirror. Fantastico!

Now if you've ever browsed the shoe section at goodwill, sometimes it's pretty entertaining and there is a good bit of giggles to be had, but when I saw these booties and they were my size and they were steve madden, I think I almost had a heart attack! I already can't wait til fall weather to bust these babies out.

This jewelry box is just a sweet little bit of fun. And these lovely milk jars are going to be a nice touch as part of the decorations in our wedding....since we are going for that whole vintage-y, rustic charm of it all.

Just goes to show that to find treasure, you've got to go look! Get out there!


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