Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Being a teacher, summertime just has to be my favorite period. (Although I am an absolute NUT for Christmas!) As my countdown to summer continues, (31 and a half days, to be exact) I finish up day 7 of my 30 day shred. So far it's hard to tell any changes other than the workout actually is becoming a tad easier with every passing day. I suppose progress is progress. But now, I am just looking forward to a summer off of work. Each week I just get myself through work so I can come home, do my workout, and then relax while drinking my water until J gets home and I make dinner and we spend our evening together. In a few weeks our yearly standardize testing takes place and I am on auto pilot from here on out. I have a lot of plans for this summer: traveling, wedding planning, tanning.....you know, all that fun stuff you can't really do while you are working and your brain is basically jello when you get home. The students I teach are getting the summer bug now the weather is warming up and they are starting to misbehave and they are ready to get out as well, so we are all just doing what we can til the end of May is upon us! I hope y'all have something to look forward to this summer!
Louisville head coach Rick Pitino holds up the NCAA trophy.
By the way, we won!! Read all about it here! My hometown brought home the National title and I am a very proud Louisville girl at heart! (My Alma Mater, the University of Memphis, made it to the sweet sixteen, but not to the elite eight...there is always next year!) I am glad that one of my teams could bring it home! It was definitely a GREAT game, I hope everyone enjoyed it, it was nail biting to the end and all in good fun. :)


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