Monday, January 6, 2014

Staying warm

Happy snow day! Well, there was no snow. Just freezing cold, and I don't mind that our tiny community decided that kids just don't need to stand out in the cold for the bus. Especially because THEY CALLED TOMORROW OFF TOO!!!! Do you know what that means? Yes, I get another day of my vacation. But do you want to know the most best part? Tuesday mornings I do car rider duty for 30+ minutes, and I am SO GLAD that I do not have to stand out there in single digit weather...and below zero winds. NO thank you very much.

Today has been wonderful. I have done 3 days in a row now of my slim in 6. I am sore, but I feel great! I honestly feel like I look better already. *grins* We had fruit smoothies this morning and I took my vitamins that I ordered along with the beach body program. For lunch we had the rest of the cucumber salad. For dinner, and I am SO proud of myself, I made sriracha and lime salmon, with stir fry asparagus and mushrooms. Oui magnifique!

After dinner (and we had leftovers!) we ventured out in the bitter cold for a treat at Starbucks. Justin ordered the double espresso brownie and I had the pumpkin bread. They were both very delicious. We took our peppermint mocha (for moi) and the cafe mocha to go! It really warmed our bones on the ride home. Now we are cheering for Auburn in the football game! (No real reason, other than Justin loves the underdog and I just say, 'yea, me too!' as far as sports go). It's been such a productive day. The perfect end to a wonderful day.


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