Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Week: A Sample

 roasted root veggies
 frittata and greek yogurt
 broccoli, dip, and veggie pizza on french bread
 wrap with spinach, left over roasted root vegetables, and some on the side as well
 cream cheese, salmon, and cucumber sandwich, carrots, hummus, and pretzel crisps
 teriyaki salmon and the rest of the roasted root vegetables
 a nice frozen yogurt treat
 corn relish on lettuce with itialian dressing, cheese, ham, and crackers
 left over salmon in a wrap with cucumber and spinach, carrots and hummus
 lolah :)
 cooper :)
 cream cheese, salmon, cucumber wrap, broccoli with hummus, pretzel crisps
 frittata, celery with salsa, corn relish with italian dressing
 feelin' good! last day of level 1! (Friday)
 garlic bread with bbq sauce topped with corn relish, spinach and carrot salad
 snuggled up
 justin lovin' on his son-dog
 leftover garlic bread pizza with pretzel crisps
 a snack
I feel great, y'all! I am two weeks into this slim in 6 program. I finished level 1 "start it up!" and started level 2 "ramp it up!" today. It was difficult and challenging, but I definitely am excited to see results. I have been doing wonderfully, only indulging slightly every now and again. I haven't skipped any days and I haven't cheated. I have been cooking and making lunches (as you can clearly see) and have been reporting everything in the group on facebook. It's very motivating, and I can't wait to see how much better I am going to get! It's been great so far. I can't help but be curious what my results will be after 30 days of this...I have hopeful. I am hoping for at least 5 pounds to be down, but who knows? I have been building muscle too, so I don't want to have any outrageous hopes....but still. 

Two more weeks and we will know, won't we? I am determined to keep it up!


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