Friday, January 3, 2014

Stocking up

Today was supposed to be the first official day of our workout and eating right. But, the slim in 6 program that I ordered that was SUPPOSED to be here today, won't be here until Monday (According to the fedex tracking information). I was super excited to get it too. I was going to read all the literature that comes with it and then when Justin went to work, I was going to get my first workout under my belt. Well, don't have it, can't do it. Grr.

Instead, Justin and I went grocery shopping. We stocked up on a ton of veggies, fruit, and good for you foods.
I also tried making my own caesar salad dressing, using this recipe here. I thought it turned out pretty good!! I tried it with my salad for dinner :)

Since I couldn't workout yet, I decided to take more of the Christmas stuff down...I hate it but it needs to be done. I'll miss it, but until next year! I thought all the moving around would sort of count as a workout, and I am tired, but I definitely was snacky, since all I had for dinner was a salad. It's hard, this cutting back stuff. I really wanted to be sipping on a beverage while I was organizing and cleaning, so I made myself a cocktail, we only had one shot from a set we received left. It was very yummy, but of course you know I wanted another one after the first, but we don't have anything. Just some rum (ick!) in the freezer. I can only do the flavored rum, and the flavor of this rum is bleck! I made myself a spiked cafe mocha with marshmallows and whipped cream. And Bailey's. I didn't finish the whole thing though, I decided to quit. We have a few kamakazee shots in there, and I'm sure Justin and I will work on those when he gets home from work. But I've got to be honest with myself. After today, we won't have anymore excuses. I need to do something that will COUNT as a workout. I need to EAT  breakfast. (Not 2 cups of coffee then starved by lunch and eat eat eat like today) I need to EAT a lunch and dinner.

I will ask Justin if he will go to the workout room with me. He promised that he would do anything I asked him to do with me. I'm going to outline a few goals for this year, yet again.
-do exercises with my husband that will bring us together
-cook good healthy meals that add variety to our diets
-take care of our home
-take care of my body
-save money, pay down debt, spend less
-run as many 5ks as possible
-do good things for myself and my marriage
-have faith and build a better relationship with God, alongside my husband

Here is a motivational message I put up on our chalkboard for us this month:
 I plan on changing this every month! I just need to work on motivating myself. Water. Water. Water, water, water. Sheesh. Ok. Wish me luck!


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