Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome, 2014!!!


The top is us in our hotel room heading out to PARTAY! The second is us during the PARTAY!
We went to the annual event at the Peabody hotel in Memphis. It was a blast! We drank, danced, drank, peed, drank, danced, etc. There were live bands and a dj. Bar's were set up all over the room, we never waited in line. We all counted down to midnight, screamed "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" We had our kiss, and balloons dropped front he ceiling! All around us as we shared our smooches, we could hear the balloons popping! I stomped one with my heal :) very satisfying. We were only staying in the hotel a block down, so driving was not an issue! It was wonderful, what a great night!

We went to brunch at IHOP, the best hangover cure....bacon. Eggs. Coffee. We weren't too terribly hung over, just dehydrated and mild headaches, but that was it. I can't say the same for some poor guy staying in the hotel next to us, before Justin woke up I could hear the guy ralphing in the bathroom. ew.

I know I put a few things yesterday about my resolutions, but if you will allow me to expand a bit. I still want to do all those things I said, but the word for this year is: improvement. I want to improve every aspect of my life. I want to live it fuller, healthier, happier. Not sweat the little things, but enjoy them, because the little things are what make up a full life. Here's to me, to you, and to all of us. Welcome, 2014. It's going to be a fantastic year!


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